We are a company that specializes in effectively connecting Sub-Contractors with General Contractors.

We use automated email technology to simplify the process of keeping Sub-Contractors up-to-date with Bid Opportunities, Addendums and Awarded Projects.

Are you a Sub-Contractor who:

  • Struggles to find a steady supply of targeted work opportunities?
  • Is tired of completing quotes just to learn there have been unreceived updates to the plans?
  • Has missed out on opportunities due to overlooked deadlines?

If your a Sub-Contractor who wants a simple solution to the above, please see our Sub-Contractors portal to learn more.

Are you a General Contractor who:

  • Wastes hours each week sending bid updates & reminders?
  • Sends repeated bid invitations or plans sets, but has no idea if they even reach your Sub-Contractors or get opened?
  • Dreads bid day, never knowing if you will receive proposals for every needed scope?

If your a General Contractor looking for a simple solution to these problems & more, please see our General Contractor portal to learn more.

To our mutual success,

BidEmails.com Team